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    The passion for the material, the study of light and the “Dolce Vita” cult are the three cornerstones that gave rise to Vesta.

    The company gives life to an original lighting and furnishing concept, inspired by the reassuring Latin divinity named Vesta, guardian of the domestic hearth, symbol of peace and prosperity.

    The history of Vesta began in 1983 in the district of Ancona thanks to Gabriele Sabbatini.
    Through remarkable expertise, the company creates the perfect combination of modern technology and Italian craftsmanship, always supported by its strong Code of Conduct.

    The heart of the company is its team of passionate employees, who offer an excellent service to satisfy any customer demand in the fashion and luxury industry.

    In Vesta, the combination of different experiences creates an extremely dynamic and passionate reality that works on different types of commissions.

    The Acrylic crystal, also in the Green Cast® version, is the core of Vesta wide product offer, finding a place in different contexts, from home living to retail.

    Thanks to this exceptional transparent, brilliant and durable material, the company designs objects of daily use as contemporary art sculptures.

    Besides the essence of the material, the real strength of Vesta is the Plexiglas transformation, through which the company manages to capture the attention of each observer.
    Thanks to the study of LED light and its countless applications, the product is revealed in multiple forms and new identities, through which any type of modern or classic environment is enriched with fresh emotions and sensations.

    VESTA's stylistic hallmark has always been offering furnishing and lighting solutions that combine the pleasure of living with functionality.


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