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    MINERVA Small tray

    SKU: 01053
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    The small tray of the Minerva line is a versatile plateau in acrylic crystal.

    Bring elegance and style to the table with Minerva trays.
    This small tray is an ideal food tray, suitable for serving desserts, aperitifs and courses of all kinds; also perfect for both cold and hot drinks, such as tea and coffee, given the heat resistance of the material.

    Transparency is a touch of class that allows you to combine them with modern and classic kitchenware.

    Also available in medium and large dimension.

    The Minerva collection is a line of products for the tableware with a geometric and modern design.
    It is entirely made of 100% recycled PMMA Greencast acrylic crystal, the result of a waste regeneration process deriving from end-of-life products and industrial processes.
    Discover the wide range of Minerva products, for a table with a modern look.


    • More transparent than glass even in high thicknesses.
    • Very light: it weighs half of a glass plate of similar dimensions.
    • Weather resistant.
    • Unbreakable: it is 15 times more resistant to impact than a sheet of glass.
    • Does not create optical distortions.
    • Recyclable.
    • It resists temperatures up to 80-85°C.

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