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    BREAK Vertical coffee cup holder - ICE

    SKU: 07302-80
    Specification chart

    Break vertical coffee cup holder is made in transparent acrylic crystal and it has a minimal design.

    Functional and indispensable accessories.
    This acrylic crystal cup holder is a functional item for keeping disposable coffee cups in order.

    Sturdy and resistant
     to prolonged use, and easily transported thanks to the handle in the center.
    It allows you to stack the glasses  so as to maximize the space on the table; the 2 side rails prevent the glasses from falling.

    Use it at home or take it to the office near the coffee machine and revolutionize your break!

    The Break collection is a line of products designed to satisfy all coffee break needs, offering you everything you need to recharge your batteries in the right way.
    Discover the range of Break products, for a coffee break with style!



    • More transparent than glass even in high thicknesses.
    • Very light: it weighs half of a glass plate of similar dimensions.
    • Weather resistant.
    • Unbreakable: it is 15 times more resistant to impact than a sheet of glass.
    • Does not create optical distortions.
    • Recyclable.
    • It resists temperatures up to 80-85°C.

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