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    MIRROR Rectangular mirror with led light

    SKU: 06111
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    Mirror is a rectangular design mirror, with an acrylic crystal frame engraved with laser technology, and illuminated with LED light.

    High quality furnishing accessory.
    The Mirror is composed of a very resistant acrylic crystal frame, and a thick glass for optimal refraction.
    The LED light spreads on the plexiglass frame making the engravings shine and creating a scenographic atmosphere.

    Dress the walls of your home with Mirror.
    Mirror is a round mirror with an elegant and refined design that fills and illuminates the wall where it is positioned.
    It goes beautifully with any decor - perfect for hanging in the living room, bedroom, bathroom, or even an entryway.

    Also available in round format.


    • More transparent than glass even in high thicknesses.
    • Very light: it weighs half of a glass plate of similar dimensions.
    • Weather resistant.
    • Unbreakable: it is 15 times more resistant to impact than a sheet of glass.
    • Does not create optical distortions.
    • Recyclable.
    • It resists temperatures up to 80-85°C.


    Use a soft cloth with glass cleaning product (as long as it does not contain alcohol or abrasive substances).
    Slight scratches can be removed using liquid polish and a soft microfibre cloth.

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